what are sand casting processes

Sand casting processes is also called sand molded casting. It is basically a metal casting process with the involvement of sand as the steel material">steel material, it can often take place in steel found steel foundry. Sand casting is produced in specialized factories and firms. In general there are two methods of sand casting, the first is the green sand and the second one is the air set method. Green Sand Such casting is made up of wet sand with the involvement of organic bonding compounds which is normally referred to clay. The name of the sand is green because the sand in this case is not set it is in the green state. The green sand is the mixture of silica sand, chromite sand or zircon sand with the involvement of olivine and graphite. Air Set Method Air set method includes dry sand which is bounded with material other than clay. They are normally preferred due to its more consistent composition. Air set molds is formed from casting flag which is termed as cope and drag. The casting mould is pour into the mold cavity. The accuracy is limited here by the type of the sand and the molding process. During casting some of the components of the sand mixture are lost in the thermal casting iron process.

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